Balls of Light

Several years ago, on a balmy, summer night in Florida, my girlfriend stepped outside to take pictures of the full moon. She walked her yard, snapping her cell phone camera at the sky from various angles. When she peeked at her neighbor’s trailer house, she witnessed transparent orbs floating around the home…

Orbs from Terry

Provided everything else has been ruled out (rain, dust, etc.), supposedly, there’s a ghostly explanation for orbs. We will never know for sure, but upon further investigation, my girlfriend had learned the elderly woman who lived there was scheduled to enter hospice.

If the hovering balls of lights were, by common definition, spiritual, the romance writer in me chooses to believe they somehow represented the woman’s ancestors or guides helping her transition.

I’ve been asked where my ideas come from. The answer always boils down to, they come from everywhere.

“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.” – Elbert Hubbard

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