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Introducing the latest book release by my friend, Author Debra Jupe.

Nothing gets the blood flowing like romantic suspense.

And. This. Looks. Good…

To Find the Truth She’ll Have to Defeat His Darkness


Welcome, Debra Jupe.

“I’d like to say a special thank-you to my dear friend, Lorelei Buckley for allowing me to highjack her blog and announce my newest suspense release, Toxic.”

My pleasure. Please tell us about your inspiration for Toxic.

“Toxic is my first full-length manuscript. I started writing seriously in 2004. I lived in Columbus, Texas a small, picturesque town seventy miles east of Houston. Columbus is my inspiration for the story’s setting.

During that time, I was employed at a wholesale nursery. My story takes place in a nursery, patterned after where I worked. The heroine, Gracie Desoto’s personality is closest to mine. She lives on a river. The Colorado River runs through Columbus, and another inspiration, sans the alligators.”

This is your first completed manuscript, yet you have two novels published before Toxic. Can you share some backstory on the publishing process?

“I completed this manuscript in 2008. I set it aside and left it alone for several years. I moved on, wrote, Echoes in the Wind and Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Tonight then I was ready go back to Toxic. After major revisions, I sent the work to my editor, and received a go several weeks later.”

Thanks for joining me here. I’m always interested in the conception of a story.

“I’m excited to announce its publication. I hope you’ll give it a read.”

Count me in!

Landscaper Gracie Desoto is too busy building her business to worry about her love life. Until she receives news her ex-husband is getting remarried, and she meets the enigmatic Ethan McCarthy. Despite the warning bells, Grace can’t deny her attraction to the much younger man.

Ethan McCarthy is a man on the mission. His job keeps him on his toes, plus he’s dealing with personal issues he can’t figure out. He doesn’t have room in his life for a romance, until an encounter with the adorable Gracie changes his mind.

In a whirlwind weekend of missing plants and a murder with Ethan as a possible suspect, Gracie is determined to solve the mystery and clear her man. Together, they head down a darkened path into an unknown where they may not survive.

Is their love toxic, or is it worth the risk?

“A model employee, that’s what you are. I’ll tell Mike to give you a raise.” Gracie abruptly broke their connection. “Thank you for the dance. Now excuse me.” She whipped around on the slick floor. One leg slid in front of her, while the other slipped behind. She struggled to regain her poise and not perform the splits in front of the entire nursery industry.

Rough hands glided over her bare arms to steady her. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” She didn’t bother to look in his direction as he set her back on her feet.

“Might want to go easy on the margaritas.”

She ignored his recommendation. Though grateful for stability, she wanted to get away from Ethan McCarthy pronto. She stood in mid-indignation not sure of her next move. Everyone seemed occupied, and she had no place to go. The bar caught her eye. The hell with his suggestion. Tonight the section of the restaurant was her only true friend.

A large hand encircled her forearm. “Easy, Ms. D.” Ethan pulled her to him. “It’s an observation. I need to know the feelings weren’t mutual.”

“Mutual feelings? With Reed? Why would you want to know that?”

His lips curved. “’Cause, I prefer not to make a move if you’re otherwise involved.”

“Make a move?”

“I’m pretty sure you understand the concept, but in case you don’t.” He brushed his mouth against hers, then smiled. “Consider yourself hit on.”

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