Drinkable Wine Labels

I’m heading off to another haunted hotel soon, and stopped in the wine section at my local grocery store for a bottle of Pinot to take with me on the trip. I’m not a big drinker, so I’m not very adventurous when it comes to alcohol. I find a favorite and stick with it.

However, if I selected wines based on their labels, there’s a good possibility I would be drunk a lot. Look at these beauties…paranormal, Sci-fi, weird, cutesy, you name it…

Asylum Wine

Black Hole Wine (LOVE)

Caricature Wine

Dark Horse Wine

Divining Wine (AWESOME)

Dream Wine


First Wine

The Gift Wine (Paranormal)

Girly Girl Wine (Pink Hair!)

Gnarly Head Wine (Gnarly)

Handprint Wine (GHOSTLY)

Petit Wine (Anything Elephants)

PLungerhead Wine

The Red Room Wine

Repeat Offender Wine
(Well behaved women rarely make history – Marilyn Monroe)

Sin Wine

Sisterhood Wine (Girl Power!)

Spellbound Wine (Speaks for itself)

Octopus Wine
(Doesn’t get cooler than a giant, red octopus)

Castle Wine (Dracula lives in a castle)

Hard to choose a favorite, but for me, in Third Place: Divining Rod. Second Place: Educated Guess. First Place: Black Hole.

By the way, if you have a chance, author interviews go nicely with a glass of wine –
Author Spotlight Interview

2 thoughts on “Drinkable Wine Labels”

  1. Great photos!
    My picks:
    3rd Place) The Elephants
    2nd Place) Wine Sisterhood
    1st Place) Spellbound
    This could make for a fun writing prompt!
    Look forward to reading your blog about your upcoming stay at the haunted hotel. You’re one brave lady!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Love the elephants, I’m all about girl power, and Spellbound is right up my alley. It was tough to choose. So many good ones.
      Haunted hotel. I’m excited about the trip, here at my desk. We’ll see how brave I am when I’m there and the lights go out. Darkness changes everything.

      I appreciate your feedback. If you decide on a Wine Label Writing Prompt, count me in.

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