Fort Worth, Haunted Hotel

In between writing, revisions, and signings, I’m forging ahead with my third blog-site reboot (lost everything…twice). This time with an emphasis on creating a space for pure, paranormal fun, and of course updates and author promotions.

Recently I scrolled through my photo library and collected images from a few previously posted favorites.

One of the most memorable was an RWA local chapter group trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards for an overnight stay with ghosts. April, 2014, I believe.

Stock Yard

I’m a hands-on writer when it comes to research. While I make good use of Google, I’d rather interview people with actual experience in a particular arena, or try something myself to better understand whatever it is I’m writing about. For this reason, for me, ghost exploration is not only fascinating, but informative. Even in observing the fear associated with hauntings. Many of my characters are na├»ve when it comes to supernatural occurrences. It helps to see how different people react.

Anyway, our destination was a quaint historical remnant called, Miss Molly’s.

MM Entrance

Nothing says eerie like a steep, creaky staircase…

MM Stairs

Antiques in the communal area transported me to another time period, and the guest books on the coffee table inked with ghostly encounters of everyday people who had visited the hotel reminded me why we’d driven two hours north.

Guest books

Authors Nese Lane and Susan JP Owens…

J & S Reading Guestbooks

According to the Inn Keeper, Miss Molly’s was an old bordello whose occupants died of the plague.

The Madam, Miss Josie (pictured below) adored rose scented perfume which wafted throughout the hotel when least expected.

Miss Josie

Author Debra Jupe and I camped out in Miss Josie’s room. On occasion the door would close and required muscles to open. Eventually we realized if we asked nicely, the stubborn door would open without anyone breaking a sweat.

D & L Miss Josie's Room

Miss Amelia’s room…

Miss Amelia's Room

Miss Amelia had a daughter named Emma, and Emma had a beloved doll. The mother died before her daughter and supposedly, Emma suffered from incurable heartache before she too passed away from the plague. Today, when the doll is placed on Emma’s bed, a child’s imprint appears next to the toy. I had a photo of the indented sheets, but can’t seem to find it.

Emma's Doll

Other spooky rooms complete with unexplainable shadows and out of nowhere odors, such as, pancakes and cigars…

Room Seven

Another Room

We took a break for dinner and margaritas.

Nese Lane, Lorelei Buckley, Debra Jupe, Linda LaRoque & Susan JP Owens.

And woke up to hot tea and coffee in the morning…


While the hotel is riddled with activity, the atmosphere wasn’t creepy with the exception of this room…

Creepy Bathroom

Records state a bordello customer had dropped dead of a heart attack in this bathroom.

During one of our check-ins, the pull-chain started circling by itself. When I accepted what was happening I thought to get my phone. Click on the ghost video link and you’ll see the tail end of that phenomenon, as the chain slowed down…

ghost video

I’ll be heading to another haunted hotel soon and I’ll have more to share.

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