Lighthouse: Midnight Road

My latest release is here! Lighthouse is the first in the Midnight Road series (each book is a standalone, too). Residents on this long stretch of asphalt are united by an extraordinary calling, and divided by individual tales of love, lies, secrets, and uncoiling mysteries.

This story began when I joined a group of fellow authors for a box set project. We had a reasonable deadline, but with a nearly completed novel and a trip to Chicago on my plate, the due date crept up on me. Two weeks left to meet my story goal and I had no clue what to write about.

Simultaneously, someone had recommended a free phone psychic. And, well, why not?

I called the intuitive advisor named Bernard, and sorted out a few personal questions. Afterward, he said: There’s a woman. She’s someplace rural, like a ranch or a farm, and she’s alone. It’s night and she’s on a hill, crying. Oh, and she sees weird lights in the sky. Bernard questioned: Any idea who she is?

“Uh, none, whatsoever,” I said. “But do you mind if I use that premise for a novella?”

“No,” he said. “You have to write her story.”

So I did.

Initially I intended to create a series about weird places. Author Linda LaRoque suggested a continuation on the people and houses of Midnight Road. Loved the idea and when the titles broke away for independent sales, I revised, expanded, and renamed the novella.

I’m working on the next in the series, and honestly, this is the most fun I’ve had with storytelling.

Find out what’s happening on Midnight Road…

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Humming…in her ears, chest, blood. How is that possible? They’d fallen asleep, but this moment, she lay awake, startled by the strange vibration existing inside her bones.

Dominic sprung up. “Holy shit.” He massaged his forearms. “My body feels weird,” he said, half asleep.

She sat, sleeping bag creasing around her waist, veins trembling beneath her skin. “Mine, too.” The lightning bugs had retired. She strained to see through the darkness. She clicked on the flashlight, which offered little help.

The ceaseless hum came from out there, somewhere, and synced with her entire body.

Dominic wiped the dreams from his eyes. “I’ve got to see what’s going on.” He stood.

“Not without me.”

She and Dominic put on their shoes, and descended the ladder. Drew sliced the blackness with a beam of light. The two investigated the yard and shed. Nothing unusual.

“The rocks,” Dominic said. “The nucleus.”

Drew and Dominic trudged up to the boulders, plowing a path between darting raccoons and rabbits.

The humming vanished, yet she couldn’t recall hearing it end. If she had to describe what just happened, without knowing why, she’d insist the sound absorbed into the ethers or their flesh or both.

They continued on, nature crackling underfoot.

Drew aimed the flashlight at the rocks, the garage, Dominic’s car, and the Sycamore tree.

The flashlight’s yellowish ray striped the initials they’d cut into the bark earlier.

She jolted surprised by new pewter-colored indentations. She crunched across dry grass and sticks, checked the fresh marks next to their letters.

Imprints seared into the trunk.

Her heart clomped. “Dominic. What does this look like to you?” Her breath snaked in the chill.

He examined the impressions. Slack-jawed, he said, “Definitely, not human.”


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