The Griffin’s Secret by Cate Masters

Today, Author Cate Masters joins me to introduce her newest book, The Griffin’s Secret.

What inspired you to write this story?
Thanks for having me on your blog today, Lorelei! My parents instilled a love of books in me when I was young, and I fell in love with all types of stories, but fairy tales have always held a special place in my heart. I still love them, especially the reimagined ones set in current times. So, partly, The Griffin’s Secret came from that, but also because I love rock music, too. Sprinkle in a bit of magic, and a tortured hero who thinks he’s beyond redemption until he finds the right person to love, and you have The Griffin’s Secret.

This is next on my TBR list.

Can you give us a peek into your daily writing process?
The process varies, depending. When I’m in the middle of a story, it’s easier to get into the flow of writing, and I can write nearly all day. I recently finished a 90k novel, and am revising, which is a much slower process. I’m itching to start a new story!

With Halloween two weeks away, I have to ask if you’ve had a personal, unexplainable experience?
Not me, but my daughters have. One lives in a house known to be haunted, and has had cabinets fly open, and heard a child laughing when only the dogs were in the house. My youngest claims to have seen a Shadow Man. I’ve gone on ghost tours and later had orbs show in the photos, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to anything spooky.

Very interesting.

I’m curious. How would your main character answer this question? Currently, what is your biggest challenge?
Besides staying alive? Keeping the people I care most about breathing—which means keeping them far from me. After the girl I loved died, her mother cursed me to live alone, because if I fall in love with anyone, it’s a death sentence for them. They’ll die, and I’ll be the cause. Being lonely is better than bearing that guilt.

Looking forward to reading The Griffin’s Secret…

Whet Our Appetite…


In this contemporary re-telling of Grimm’s classic fairy tale The Griffin, two people must risk everything to free themselves from the invisible prisons that keep them from love…

Jackson Grant had it all—the girl he loved, his Harley, and his guitar. Until a tragic accident stole it all away. Now, more than scars and a tattoo remain. Jackson has a secret. Cursed by his dead girlfriend’s mother, he can never fall in love again or his beloved will die. With his heart on lockdown, he keeps to himself—until a roadie gig with Malcontent, the world’s most popular band, entwines his fate with sweet, wounded Layla’s…
Music is what Layla lives for. She has no choice. She’s bound by magic to serve Malcontent, cursed to propel them to stardom with her musical powers. Then Jackson appears and gives her hope that he’s the hero who will save her. A reluctant hero, yet one she can’t resist. But freedom will come at price—and who will pay…?

The faint scent of an exotic flower on an ocean breeze hit him the second the girl walked in. Every part of his body stood at attention, taking in the way she moved. The curve of her slender hips. Those long legs…they’d wrap around the back seat of his Harley perfectly. Wrap around him perfectly, too.

A flip of her onyx-silk hair sent it behind her shoulder as she sat opposite. “Who are you?”

Good question. He’d been seeking the same answer for too long. “Jackson Grant.”

Her eyes darkened, deep brown to charcoal diamonds. “Why are you here?”

“For the roadie job.” Was she the first gatekeeper? A gate she kept locked, he’d bet. Or maybe she was another test. Kev had warned him there’d be tricky questions and to answer straight. Something told him she asked out of curiosity.

“You think you’re up for such a demanding job?”

Again, the impression hit him she was making these questions up as she went along, ad-libbing off his replies.

He’d play. “I’m strong. Dependable. I follow orders, keep my head down, and stay out of trouble.” And he liked his privacy.

Her features smoothed, hard as porcelain. “Do you.” Not a question.

He’d answer anyway. “Yes.”

Did disappointment curl her lip? Or boredom? Why did he care? If he could, he’d blast out of there before his own curiosity got the better of him. Already, she’d gotten under his skin. Crazy how the tat no longer singed him, but now twisted like a trapped animal.

With a plastic smile, she batted her eyes, and the false flirtation didn’t suit her. “So. You’re a yes-man.”

The way she said it, he’d be no different than any other roadie serving the great rock star, Malcolm Fetterman. Fine by Jackson. The less he stood out, the better. Except for her. He hated to think of her glossing over his presence, but that would be better, too.

He drummed his fingers on the table. “I need the job.” Where the hell was Malcolm anyway? The longer he stayed with her, the more he wanted to. Definitely couldn’t afford that kind of trouble. He glanced at the open door, hoping he wouldn’t have to go through the same interrogation again.

She tapped the table. “You’d have to travel constantly.”

“Perfect.” No different than his usual way of life. Except this time, his paycheck would remain steady.

“You wouldn’t miss your family?” She dipped her head. “Your girlfriend?”

He curled his lip this time. No one’s business but his. He shifted in his seat. “They’re better off.”

Her brows knit, and then her expression became unreadable as the Sphinx. “The hours are long, and the equipment’s heavy. Everything has to be exactly as Mal orders.”

Did he imagine it, or had she winced at her own words?

He shrugged. “It’s his show.” Someday, Jackson would have his own roadies. And would treat them much better than Malcolm Fetterman did, if the stories proved true.

Her steely focus cut into him. “Mal doesn’t hire musicians except for those in the band. And there aren’t any openings in Malcontent.”

He didn’t allow himself to blink. “No problem.”

“But you play, don’t you?” Her gaze dropped to his callused fingertips drumming the tabletop.

He drew his hand down. “No.” A necessary lie. She might suspect, but couldn’t possibly know the truth. Almost like leaving one of his limbs behind, he’d locked his Fender in storage in New Jersey with his paltry possessions for six months. By then, he’d know whether this gig worked out.

Where can we find The Griffin’s Secret?
As it’s a novella, it’s in ebook format, so online at these and other sites:
Barnes and Noble

Find Cate Masters Here:
Twitter: @CateMasters

Thank you for sharing your book release here.
Thanks again for having me, Lorelei!

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  1. Hi, ladies! I’ve read the Griffin’s Secret and thought it was a fabulous tale. I loved the characters. Congrats on such a great release, Cate.

    And that stuff about your daughter’s house? Goosebumps! I think I’d run out of there screaming, LOL!

    1. Aw, thanks Mae! That’s so great to hear.

      My daughter was a little nervous at first, but as it turns out, her boyfriend never knew his grandfather had a young sister who’d passed away until he moved into that family home. Oh, and his grandfather came to him in a dream and they had an actual conversation about who was who!

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