Why I Write Romance

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Hormones are molecules produced by the endocrine system responsible for instructing other glands and organs on how to function. They cover everything from digestion to mood. During puberty they rebel, causing body odor, acne, and cringe-worthy terms like horny, moist, and boner. Later in life, they often defy us again with menopausal symptoms in women, and andropausal problems in men similarly sucker-punching us with weight-gain, fatigue, depression and reduced sex drive. Fear not, these industrious messengers aren’t completely wicked. Conversely, among other vital jobs, hormones have the ability to keep us feeling youthful and sexually robust.

On a less understood level the endocrine system happens to align with energy spheres known as chakras giving us, if nothing else, inner-eye focal centers to help enrich overall health. Practitioners in the field believe by caring for one system, the other also benefits.

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A more mainstream practice is acupuncture. In short, an acupuncturist gently inserts fine needles into tiny points known as meridians to free up blocked energy and promote healing. Years ago, radioactive isotopes were injected into meridians and followed with special camera imaging. The process revealed meridian pathways. When fluids from those pathways were tested, among other biochemical substances, they found concentrations of various hormones.

The energy connection is introduced to emphasize the power and mysteriousness hormones still bear. While science has effectively shown us the mechanisms of the endocrine system and hormone productivity, it has yet to explain the role hormones play in that thing we’d kill or die for, that thing called love.

It is hypothesized, chemically, Cupid’s arrow releases adrenaline and norepinephrine, causing an increased heart rate and clammy skin. Dopamine then decreases our appetite and sleep requirement and serotonin keeps our person of interest in the forefront of our mind.

Isolated, none of it is an appealing state to be in, but combined the chemical blast wraps us in euphoria and inspires us to be better, stronger, wittier–we’re suddenly the most fascinating person on the planet locked in a bubble with the only other fascinating person on the planet. Pigeons are doves, puddles are oceans, and concrete is the solid launching pad for our incredible new relationship. We’re fucking invincible.

Once the high wears off a few of us will continue to cultivate a more substantial union, the type science cannot define; the loyal, expansive, sensitive, live for it, kill for it, die for it kind of adoration. As a couple, on occasion, we will attempt to stir in each other that early supreme magic we once experienced, but most days we won’t. The fairy-tale will be replaced by the daily grind.

Some will never settle into a full-time partnership, by choice, or by circumstance; doesn’t mean the possibility can’t be appreciated.

Reading stimulates our imagination which triggers neurotransmitters in the brain thus creating a chemical reaction within the body. Usually, the genre will mold our emotional wave. For women who prefer a surge in feel-good hormones, or want or need to briefly live vicariously through sexy, unique, fiery, adventurous love affairs, you’re why I write romance.

This is the final article in my Why I Write Series.
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